About me: first a little about myself. But hey, this is not really important, so I keep it short!

  • Name: Christian M. Fischer
  • Background: professional photographer, studied media design and electro acoustic music composition in Weimar and Tallinn
  • Current Affiliation: Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, Tallinn
  • Work: lecturer, working on PhD


About this website: although I am working (in a rather playful manner) with motion graphic scores for quite some time now, I did not find a proper term for it. This whole project is a work in progress. The content will grow over time. This website will work as a place to gather information, ideas, thoughts, sketches, images, scores etc. On the long run it is meant to help me organize my thoughts to write also about my research (results) regarding motion graphic scores. So if this is a topic that sounds interesting to you, check this website out once in a while!

About the project: this project is based on my PhD at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater in Tallinn, Estonia. During my work, I am looking forward to analyze existing graphic scores and graphic design, to work with musicians using motion scores and to set up a basic software prototype that allows users to create motion graphic scores. To narrow the huge field of music performance down, I am focusing on live electronic music, meaning two performers (one computer and one instrument). 


Now you may ask 'why'? Let me ask one question. Why are computers ubiquitous regarding our everyday life but we still note music on a piece of paper using 'dots and lines'!? Okay okay. This question is rather immature. Nevertheless, there are a lot of possibilities using a PC and motion scores, that are not feasible using paper notation. Especially relating to live electronic music. For instance, think about a timebased score regarding the synchronization (you may want to call it dubbing ;-)) of computer and instrument, or the possibilities reagarding the development of structure of a piece from a visual perspective... Now, hang on a second... all the questions that might pop up now, I will try to discuss within this website. So just 'click on'!

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