Kirjad Perekonnale

Kirjad Perekonnale (Letters to a family) is my third major work using animated notation. The video shown here is "Gretale" and consists of 8 hand drawn, inverted and animated scores. Each of the 8 parts has the be interpreteddifferently. Gretale is for violin, clarinet and live electronics.


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Piim Lilled Kivi

Piim Lilled Kivi (Estonian for milk, flowers, stone) is one of my very first animated notations (from 2006) programmed in Flash. I thought the piece was lost. However, recently I rediscovered it on an old USB sick! It is for three instruments that play the same five parts in a different order.


Here you will find a video of the 2nd movement of the piece "Brahmavihara". The video features live footage from the premier at the Pärnu Contemporary Music Days in January 2014 and the score (an animated notation) itself.

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Study for Accordion

Here you will find a small study for accordion using MGN from 2014.

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Chris in Seoul

Paper presentation "Motion Graphic Notation – a tool to improve live electronic music practice" during the Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society's 2013 Annual Conference (KEAMSAC2013) in Seoul, South Korea 2013.

christian m. fischer at conference in seoul

Photo by Maurilio Cacciatore

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