Mapping Process

1. X and Y Axis

One very fundamental part of the mapping process is the division of 2D space within graphic notation forms. For instance Earle Browns famous piece December 1952, where the performer "must set this all in motion (time)" and interpret the notation especially regarding it's 2D or even 3D apprearence.

Electro acoustic and live electronic music is composed and performed all over the world. However, I stick to western music history. Regarding 2D western music notation, we are used to the fact that the Y axis occupied by pitch, while events (and thereby time) are noted on the X axis. (Check out Decartes - the Cartesian Coordinate System). In order to keep the proposed motion graphic notation as easy to use as possible, at least for western educated people, I will stick to this use. Y indicates pitch, while the objects (events) move on the X axis.

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