Anestis Logothetis

When talking about graphic notation one composer is inevitable. Therefore let's have a look at the graphic by Anestis Logothetis, that describe one (Association - factors) of the three kinds of symbols in his graphic notation (the other ones are Pitch Symbols and Action Signals).

Thereby Logothetis mentions three levels of meaning regarding graphic notation: a) semiotic level, graphics can symbolize something, b) associative level, graphics evoke certain associations (for improvisation) and c) they
indicate direct instructions for the performer.

To fit Motion Graphic Notation, I would like to rephrase them a little bit:

  • symbolic - graphics have a specific meaning. They are used within the score in the same way as pictograms in our every day life. Symbols are commonly used within staff notation to enhance it's discriptive possibilities.
  • associative - graphics work as a trigger for improvisation. Performers associate meaning with the graphic and convey this meaning to music. This is how Musical Graphics work.
  • instructive - graphics (or words if justified) are direct instructions that trigger a specific action and usually describe exctely what to do (e.g. knock on the piano twice).
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