Start simple

While surfing the web for "graphic notation" I found this webpage. There, graphic notation is used to introduce kids to regular notation. The following image is used for a start. A simple graphic should represent a sound.

An interesting research question or experiment would be the following: showing musicians only the graphics, the lines and dots (without words) and ask them what kind of sound they would play. The only explanation given, would be that this IS the actual notation, and not some additional scribbling on a regular score... I assume, that most people (western educated, reading from left to right) would state something like the above mentioned.

When dealing for the first time with graphics like that, the question of tempo comes up immediately. How long to play five dots? Or one single line? This is exactly why I started to use a time line. Meaning arranging the graphics in time based media, like motion graphics. Within a time line, structure and tempo can be composed as desired.

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